About Us

Who We Are

We Are Partner For energy infrastructure solutions

Zennergy West Africa Ltd is a wholly indigenous engineering, technical procurement and construction services company. Our products & services are developed to provide relevant and effective solutions to the oil & gas sectors and the power industry in Nigeria and sub-sahara Africa. 

The development of a close working relationship with our partners, sub-contractors and consultants has enhanced and continues to impact positively on our processes, knowledge base and working practices. 

Our philosophy is to provide the highest quality instrumentation in tandem with an environmentally responsible approach. Our partners and personnel lead the industry in operational experience and design expertise related to control solutions and natural gas measurement & regulation facilities, thereby, ensuring that we are up-to-date with current industry trends.

Our Vision

To become a world class organization seeking and acting on opportunities that creates wealth within the Oil & Gas and Energy Sectors across Africa.

Our mission

Our contribution will be measurable, effective and sustainable; always proffering solutions that significantly improve operational and financial performance of our clients while creating wealth and good reputation for all stake holders.

Our Future

Through the development of strategic alliances locally & globally we will continually enhance our core competencies; acquire new skills and improve our environment. Exploring new frontiers; bringing the best of the World into Africa.

Value Proposition

Zennergy West Africa is committed to delivering quality engineering services that meet our client’s specification in the Oil and Gas, Energy and Allied Sectors.

Consulting Services

With extensive experience and association in the international gas sector, we can offer consulting services


We can offer the complete solution for design and engineering services to meet our clients’ needs and requirements.

Material Sourcing & Procurement

Our extensive database of OEM sources for equipment and spares cuts across the oil & gas and allied energy sector

Application Engineering Solutions

Our technicians and engineers assist our clients with sizing and equipment selection to be utilized from the project stage up to maintenance services, start-up and commissioning.

Operations & Maintenance

Our team of technicians and specialists allows us to offer support and maintenance in filtration, heating, pressure regulation and metering

Flaring & Emissions Combustion Solutions

In association with Encore, we are able to supply critical combustion, flaring and vapour recovery and emissions control technology to protect the environment.